• Richman Associates helps clients envision, develop, and implement a communications plan. We start with questions like these: What is your objective? Who is your audience? What does your audience already know? What is their preferred means of communication?

We also help our clients plan and moderate meetings, including with esteemed scientific
and medical leaders

Research and analysis

  • You should know what others in the field are doing and thinking. We help you discover trends.

Topical writing, scientific manuscripts, newsletters, patient materials, books, web content and updates, and more.

  • We have written on uncountable numbers of topics and not only in science, medicine, health, fitness, and technology. Some projects are extremely esoteric. Others, including one about the magnificent and endangered California condor, appear in commercial publications like National Geographic World. Our custom medical illustrations and graphics increase impact.

Project planning and management

  • We know how hard it can be to plan timelines, direct staff, maintain records, and meet deadlines. Let Richman Associates take care of these details for you.

Website development and social media

  • Keeping a website updated with fresh content is essential if you are in the business of telling people what’s new. Richman Associates helps clients build and maintain their website and social media platform.


  • For lawyers and business clients who want to learn about science, medicine, and technology to work more effectively with their clients, Richman Associates provides one-on-one or small group tutorials. For scientists, clinicians, students and others who want advice or lessons in writing and editing, we’re happy to oblige.

Meeting reports

  • Richman Associates provides writers for large and small meetings—from strategic planning sessions to corporate retreat —where having an accurate and well-crafted meeting report is a must.

Public relations and media campaigns

  • Looking for a media relations strategy, press releases, or training for an interview on radio, television, or other media outlet? Strategic partners of Richman Associates are ready to help.

Litigation services

  • Richman Associates, LLC, has a three decade-long history of working with attorneys. Specific services include consultation and education, developing lines of reason, expert searches, and demonstrative evidence.

In the Federal marketplace

  • Richman Associates works closely with its strategic partners in securing contracts in the Federal marketplace. Among its partners are companies certified 8(a), HUBZone, and woman-owned.

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